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XLife is a secure platform where you can manage your personal and professional life, capable of interconnecting people, ideas, passions, job offers, job requests, free time, but above all the first social network that will allow you to earn using a single social.



Reach your goals in the shortest time possible

Our goal is not to profit from the user but to make him reach the goal in the shortest possible time by unlocking every type of connection. We want to offer our users maximum freedom. The advantages of XLIFE can be many.

Possibility to vote

You will be able to vote with a digital system thanks to the blockchain system, guaranteeing the veracity of your vote.

Possibility of earning

The possibility of being able to earn by using social media productively and efficiently.

Manage your private and work life

Connect everywhere quickly and easily. The social network will benefit from a particular and efficient algorithm that will instantly interconnect supply and demand in order to optimize members' time and resources.

Encourage better health

This social connection is a source of inspiration to push many people to try to improve their health, making a significant impact and providing important emotional support for improving overall health. XLIFE offers support and creates spaces dedicated to debate.

Why choose XLIFE?

Our innovations

The Platform promises to introduce various technological innovations aimed at evolving real-life concepts and making administrative procedures of people, companies and authorities more efficient, so that every stakeholder can benefit from the advantages introduced and obtain advantages.

Certified identity

Members will be able to verify their identity using national identification tools, such as the PEC certified email address, or the

Bringing demand closer to supply

The innovations that XLIFE will bring to the social scene are to allow its members to also have their own certified digital identity within the same social network; this will allow the member to be able to interact in a certified way both in the public and private context, streamlining all those procedures that today are cumbersome and wasteful.

Targeting of members' interests

The information that Members decide to make public will be cataloged and profiled for statistical purposes. The Companies present on the Platform will be able to use this data to reach specific subscribers with their advertising and targeted announcements in order to obtain better conversions.



Our features

Fast and Instant

Thanks to our servers divided into micro services, the speed of multimedia exchanges will be instantaneous

Safe and Secure

Your account and data will be completely safe, we will never share them with third parties.

Easy to use

Share your ideas or passions with a simple click without wasting your precious time.


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Frequent questions

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La procedura di autenticazione dell'utente garantisce l'identità dell'utente e garantisce la massima riservatezza dei dati e il rispetto della privacy.

Sulla nostra piattaforma puoi guadagnare condividendo post sponsorizzati che voglio raggiungere il tuo pubblico, partecipando a programmi di affiliazione, compilando sondaggi e tanto altro. XLife restituisce un profitto all'utente finale sui big data creando una tecnologia auto sostenibile a differenza di altri social network attualmente sul mercato che trattengono il 100% della monetizzazione di quei dati.

La nostra piattaforma vuole restituire il 50% della monetizzazione di quei dati direttamente agli abbonati che sono quelli che hanno generato i dati che hanno un valore intrinseco

Si tratta di una rete informatica di nodi che gestisce in modo univoco e sicuro un registro pubblico costituito da una serie di dati e informazioni. Con questa tecnologia innovativa puoi riacquistare il tuo potere decisionale votando direttamente dal nostro social network, rendendo il tuo voto immutabile, certificato e incorruttibile.


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